Terms & Conditions

This document is in terms of information Technology Act.2000 as amended. The website http://naukriinfocenter.com is operated by NIC having its registered office add. 16,17 Mihir Tower Opp. Hirabhai Tower Uttam Nagar Ahmedabad Gujarat-38008
The use of http://naukriinfocenter.com is only when compliance is done by the user in accordance with the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein. Moreover, the use of website itself is clear that the user has agreed to all the Terms & Conditions including Privacy Policy.

(Minor i.e.below the age of 18 years on the day of use is not allowed to be registered with us)

(A.) It is the sole obligation of the employers/users to survey and have a record verification of applicants/jobseekers. http://naukriinfocenter.com might not be considered in charge of any false data given by any hopeful in their application.

(B.) Having enlisted with the employment entrance does not entitle the user to any rights over http://naukriinfocenter.com .It might not be obligated to give the user any sort of administrations as an issue of power.

(C.) Any Circumstance emerging out of enlisting with the employment entry is it positive or negative is immaculate incidental and has nothing to do with the enrolment and entryway.
(D.) http://naukriinfocenter.com don’t arrange meeting of applicants before alluding to you,hence forth it gets to be crucial for the user to go into the details of applicants from the very beginning.
(E.) http://naukriinfocenter.com don’t canvas or suggest any contender for the employment prerequisite. http://naukriinfocenter.com allude them of absolutely justify premises and the individuals who nearly coordinate the employment necessity.
(F.) It is the business circumspection to contract or not. http://naukriinfocenter.com will never propose or prescribe a hopeful but to allude them for benefit of user.
(G.) It is the sole obligation of the business to check the validity of instructive accreditations of their chosen applicants before permitting them to join in.
(H.) If any time of time it is found that businesshave abused or administrations as an occupation entryway by attracting contender for illicit or unlawful exercises,Strict lawful activity will be started according to law of area.
(I.) The employer is to be charged for the use of http://naukriinfocenter.com as per Term & Conditions fixed by http://naukriinfocenter.com.The Service Charge fee shall not be refunded by NIC in any circumstances, Except for the non operation of the system NIC. Once the system is connected the fee is neutralised and no claim for the User/Employer.
(J.) (Resumes are to be treated as Preliminary guide and the contents of the resume and accuracy to be verified by the users only.)
(K.) We are not any Bureau and Agency, We are only working as a Online Provider like Naukri.com/Shine.com etc.